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Is Your Cell Phone hazardous to Your Health?

Cell Phone Hazards

Cell PhoneI remember reading something about cell phones and health issues over the years, so reading this past week’s article from BottomLine Personal newsletter didn’t surprise me though new studies show the radiation from cell phones even more worrisome.

Besides the risks of cancer, you can add sleep problems, people who use cell phones and other wireless devices in the hours before bedtime have more trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

It’s not only cell phones we need to be concerned about, but other electronics as well. These devices include, Wi-Fi Routers, cordless phones, laptops, tablets and even wireless fitness bands.

So how should we protect our self’s from harmful radiation?

  1. Turn the device off – putting your cell phone in “airplane” mode stops radiation. Turn off “Blue tooth” devices as well.
  2. Keep your distance – the further away you are the better. Use the speakerphone feature of your cell phone. Never put the phone next to your head. Blue tooth connection in a car though is fine as it reduces radiation to the user.
  3. Avoid certain surroundings – using your cell phone in an airplane, train or elevator creates hotspots that increase your exposure to radiation.
  4. Landline – If your landline phone provides this feature; forward your cell phone to your landline phone whenever you are home.

Be Safe…..