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Which Fitness Device Should You Consider?

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

A year ago this past May I purchased a Fitbit One and the device is still going strong without any problems to date.

There are numerous brands and models one can choose from; companies like, Fitbit, Apple, Microsoft, Jawbone, Misfit and others.

If you are in the market to purchase one, keep in mind that the average user only stays with any type of program including wearing or carrying a health related device for six months and then loses interest.

Just read a few months ago that the devices with “bands or straps” tend to wear out within a short period of time, some even report that their bands wore out in three to six months.

Personally my Fitbit One is attach to my belt or carried in my pocket.  I realized that since I wear a watch carrying an additional device with band would not work for me.

You can find online numerous reviews from individuals concerning fitness trackers and along with dozens of complaints concerning discoloring, splitting and disintegrating in less than six months.

Bands and Straps are exposed to oils, skin-care products and cleaning agents. It is recommended that you avoid excessive stretching and twisting; clean the band with water and rubbing alcohol after a heavy sweat.

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Fitness Trackers

Fitbit One and Microsoft Band

The fitness trackers mentioned above are highly rated by Consumer Reports as best buys for the money. You can spend less than $100 or several hundred depending on a variety of features.

I wrote about the Fitbit One in a previous post, I have been using the product since May of last year. Still use it to this day, though from my understanding most individuals lose interest after six months or so.

The top rated product was the Fitbit Surge at $250 which comes with quite a few workout data with some smart-watch capabilities.

High-end fitness trackers use Global GPS mode to provide a more accurate picture of how far you’ve been running as well as walked.

If you want to monitor your heart-rate, some trackers can do that as well at the wrist. Limiting the need for the chest straps that was previous used during workouts.

Some units like the Fitbit One can measure stair climbing, my Fitbit One though miss counts on some days, calculating flight of stairs not even taken. 10 feet generally equals one flight of stairs, mine is usually 7 to 8 feet.

My tracker usually lasts 8 or 9 days before needing to re-charge; turning off Bluetooth will save battery life and extend your life between charges a few extra days.

Personally I prefer to use a clip-on vs. a band or watch; majority of trackers tested by Consumer Reports are either watch or bands.

To extend the usefulness of the trackers, you will find numerous third party apps as well as apps created by the manufacture of the tracker. These apps can use data from your fitness tracker to evaluate your exercise and food intake.

These apps can also connect you to your friends using social functions which can help you stay motivated.

I have provided the two best valued buys at Amazon below.

Stay fit.