Exercising Your Brain

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Exercising Your Brain

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Did you know that your brain is like a muscle? If you don’t give it regular workouts its functions will decline..

I am turning 66 this month and even though it is not the milestone that last year was I am officially closer to 70 then 60. Ugh! Thus it is very important to me to exercise my brain along with my body.

There is a lot I can do to help keep my mind sharp and alert.

1. Make sure I eat a healthy diet.

2. Stay physically fit with at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

3. Avoid smoking and drinking to excess.

4. Play games and do exercises to help boost my memory.

I enjoy playing word games on my iPad. One of my favorites is Wordbrain. I just started daily training with a brain exercise app. I also play Candy Crush and Plunder Pirates. What can I say “we can’t all be perfect.”

I enjoy sewing and I may want to talk about it in further blogs but you really have to use your brain to be a good sewist. I read sewing blogs and am always studying ways to improve my skills. That’s where the Internet and YouTube come in handy.

I have maintained an exercise regiment over the past two decades and have always tried to eat healthy. I believe that is part of the reason why I do not have to take any medications other than a twice yearly shot for osteoporosis. (Genetic)

The brain gets smaller and lighter with age but can still function as effectively as a younger brain. I have three adult kids that may want to argue with me on that point. 😀

Keeping your body active is crucial if you want an active mine. Travel (I am going on a cruise in one week and I will tell you all about it in a later blog), be social and just have fun. Life is too short!

Please comment on how you exercise your Brain.


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  1. I like word brain, but I prefer words with friends more.

  2. farley says:

    My son prefers Words with Friends as well. I guess the most import thing is just to use our brains with whatever makes us think.

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