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Energize Your Workout

Energize Your Workout

Hi everyone,

This morning I went to the gym and did my usual Tuesday morning weight training class only this time I decided to step it up by trying a new product  AMPED Power that was just launched by  Isagenix. It was designed to boost the intensity of training, but also to offer a natural and safe option to increase power and gain muscle.
The drink is supposed to be consumed 15 to 30 minutes before my workout. Consequently, because the drive to my gym takes 20 minutes I had to drink mine in the car. The first sip I took didn’t taste that good so I let it sit for a minute and tried again. The second sip was a lot better.

After I reached the gym I set up my weights. I then drank an Isagenix Eshot. This is another product by the company that I had never tried before. It is a naturally caffeinated energy drink that gets your body moving and sharpens your mind.

Building Muscle

Building Muscle

When I decided to do this I was skeptical at first. I was afraid I would not be able to tell a difference in my energy levels and strength.

For one hour we go through eight rotations with emphasis on different body parts. I had decided to up my weights on every rotation and push myself.

  •   Ten minutes into the class and I felt different. It’s hard to describe but it felt like a current was running through my veins.
  •   Twenty minutes into the class and I was looking around to see if anybody else noticed a difference in me.
  •   Thirty minutes into the class and my mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

There’s no way this is happening to me! I kept asking the lady working out behind me if she noticed anything different.

Normally we work shoulders on our final rotation and I am usually tired but today I was totally energized.
After the class was over I walked up to my instructor and I said “Did you see me?”

I never dreamed that a the age of 66 with healthy nutrition and exercise that I could feel this good and be this fit.
I am so AMPED! 💪🏻


All AMPED up!

Now back home to enjoy my protein drink.

If you tried either product, please leave a comment below.


Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes as a meal replacement

Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes

Specifically, I am personally using Isagenix product called IsaLean Shake which comes in a variety of flavors. At the moment I primarily use the “Dutch chocolate” flavor though I’ve tried several others over the past six months.

Available flavors:

Creamy French Vanilla
Strawberry Cream
Creamy Dutch Chocolate
Black Sesame (can be served warm or cold)

These shakes are a balanced 240-calorie, meal replacement clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle growth with 24 g of high-quality protein. The shakes offer 23 vitamins and minerals, Protein, energy-fueling carbs, and good fats. Along with high-fiber content and active enzymes to aid digestion.

Keep in mind that I said meal replacement, so if your goal is to lose weight the product is ideal. Don’t treat it as a snack.

However, if you drink the shake in addition to your normal eating habits; I am afraid it is not going to help you lose weight.

Take a look at the above video for further information on IsaLean Shakes and their health benefits.

Not all protein shakes are equal, many use “soy” as one of their main ingredients.

Protein is an important nutrient needed by everyone on a daily basis. It is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the “building blocks” for healthy bodies.

Protein has a number of different roles in the body including the following:

  • Repair body cells
  • Build and repair muscles and bones
  • Provide a source of energy
  • Curb cravings
  • Control many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism

Give it a try, for further information on Isagenix products please visit the above Isagenix tabbed page.

Quote of the week – “Everything changes, nothing remains without change.”

Have  a great week, be back in a week to bring you more healthy living tips.


Isagenix a 30 day plan

Isagenix  a 30 day plan

Replenish is great for rehydratingReplenish is great for rehydrating

Replenish is great for rehydrating

Isagenix  is a 30 day plan that replaces two meals per day with shakes and a 400 to 600 calorie meal for your third meal. It also includes two 100 to 150 calorie snacks. You also take their supplements and two days per week in the first two weeks you drink their cleanse product instead of eating regular meals or drinking meal replacement shakes.

I was a little skeptical at first and had to do research before trying their product. I also talked to a friend my age that had been on the product for a year. She had met her weight goal but was still using the products because she liked the way they made her feel. If you are having any health issues you should also talk to your doctor before starting a new nutrition program.

I thought what the heck they have a 30 day money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose but maybe a few extra pounds that I had gained over the last several years.

I am now in the tenth week using the products and it has totally changed the way I think about food. I have more energy and I am sleeping a lot better. My hair has stopped falling out which had started to concern me a little. My bursitis doesn’t even bother me anymore though that could just be a coincidence. I also lost 8 pounds and 17″. I am now on maintenance.

Maintenance means that I only do one shake a day but sometimes for convenience sake I will do another shake in the afternoon. I treat them as snacks that I have in between my meals. Sometimes I will only do half a shake. My meals and snacks are generally healthy with organic food when It is available. I am never hungry and I am still maintaining my weight.

The company has a great online support team. If you have any questions they are there for you. There are also group support teams that you can join where you can find healthy recipes, and encouragement when needed.

Isagenix is working for me but everybody is different. I never had any side effects or bad symptoms with the product. Now if they could just figure out a surefire way to get rid of wrinkles. No surgery involved!

Here’s to looking your best and feeling your best!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


Isagenix – at First Glance

Isagenix – at First Glance

Today I am going to discuss the business opportunities of Isagenix.

To begin “What is Isagenix?”

Simply, products that offer solutions for weight-loss, fitness performance and healthy aging. The company also offers you a business opportunity as an independent business consultant selling and promoting health and wellness products.

I will not address the products as it relates to health at this time, but only as a potential business opportunity running your own multi-level marketing firm. I can tell you that I use the shakes and nutrition bars but not any of the other products to date.

Below is a video produced by a ABC Network TV news show on the products and a review, take a look.

This post will only examine the income producing opportunity that Isagenix offers. This is not a get rich quick opportunity though, a few have achieved great income success in less than two years, but that is the exception rather than the rule. The actual percentage of individuals that make it “big” in this business is less than seven (7) percent. Keep in mind that this percentage is the norm for most small businesses.

My profession is as a financial planner, so I am looking at this business potential strictly from financial planning prospective. I will offer more insight into this business as time goes by and I have more experience with its operations.

My first observation as a business potential is if you have a large following on Facebook (lots of friends) and you tweet often you will have a major jump on anyone else trying to enter this multi-level business.

If you treat the opportunity as a business and not a hobby putting in the time and education required, you will stand to make a comfortable living as an Isagenix consultant.

The company provides short product training videos, educational materials and coaching to further illustrate all the benefits of the Isagenix systems via their website. However I found their website to be a bit confusing and needing a friendlier user interface.

For more information feel free to leave a comment or visit the link at Isagenix website.

You may also visit Claudia’s link at Isagenix

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