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Guidelines for Back Pain

Back Pain

I found this information recently on how to treat back pain without medication in a weekly newsletter I receive. I have no medical training, however I thought you might find this information helpful.

Instead of using medication to over treat your lower-back pain… instead try finding relief through simple stretching, massage, and exercise.
The new guideline states that any patient with lower-back pain should first receive a non-medication treatment. This includes things like:

  • Massage
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Heat treatment

Massage– Massage worked best for people suffering from chronic lower-back pain, and it does even better when combined with other therapies.

Exercise -Exercise keeps us moving and stretching. By working your core muscles especially, exercise can stabilize your spines and help relieve pain.

Mediation – Meditation is one of my favorite therapies. It’s simple, effective, and anyone can do it. It helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and alleviate back pain.

I have numerous audio clips to assist in mediation, some I found online for free and others I paid a reasonable price.

Heat treatment– Heat wraps can help relieve lower-back pain, at least in the short term and for more acute pain.

Below is a 20 minute video that works you through a series of exercises to alieve back pain.

Hope this helps….


Buying a Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot

Pressure Cookers

While a slow cooker may be great at cooking that casserole while you’re at work all day, the pressure cooker wins at making healthy, hearty meals in little time.

The high pressure cooking technique doesn’t permit air or liquid to escape and also mixes the cooking liquid and the moisture from the food to cook quickly.

This technique helps tenderize tough cuts of meat that would normally take over three to four hours if you braised them in the oven.

Cooking under the pressure created by a pressure cooker means that you can cook stove top dishes more quickly.

A pressure cooker is great for cooking beans, stews, chicken soup, lamb shank, beef cheeks, pot roast, bacon ribs, pork ribs, and corn beef and cabbage.

There are numerous brands, styles and features to choose from; we purchased an “Instant Pot” brand just one of several available for purchase.

If you are new to pressure cookers, trial and error is recommended along with a cook book especially written for pressure cookers.

You can find recipes online along with thousands of users with their comments and techniques.

Word of caution.

When you use a pressure cooker, you’re dealing with contents under pressure. That fact alone means you must handle the appliance with as much care as possible so you don’t risk hurting yourself. ‘Make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions because pressure cookers can be dangerous.


How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night’s Sleep

Forget sleeping pills, not good for you especially long-term.

Proper Sleep Hygiene.

This includes things like…

Keep your room dark and cool.
Don’t have electronics in the bedroom and shut off screens one hour before bed.
Make the bedroom a place only for sex and sleep.
Skip the nighttime snacking.
Cut back on caffeine.
Stick to a sleep schedule.


In addition to the above, try using sound to get some sleep. Try a fan to help establish a bit of white noise while sleeping or use white noise machine.

You can download an app for your smartphone to create white noise, often for free. There are a variety of apps to choose from and different sounds like rain, thunder, etc.

Sleep tight………..