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Lose Stress in 5 Minutes

Controlling Stress

I read this numerous month ago in one of my magazines, thought I believe the publication is no longer being published.

  1. EAT A SQUARE OF DARK CHOCOLATE – Not only is it rich in healthy flavonols, but cocoa also causes the brain to release endorphins, the same feel-good hormones you get after a run.
  2. EMBRACE THE RUSH – Short-term stress can actually help memory and brain function. So use that initial burst of energy to make the deadline, then learn to just let it go.
  3. GIVE A BEAR HUG – A nice, big squeeze triggers the release of the warm and fuzzy love hormone oxytocin. No hug- worthy friends close by? Shaking hands works, too.
  4. TAKE A YOUTUBE – BREAK Just be sure to watch something funny (such as a pet video). A good belly laugh relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure and releases natural painkillers.
  5. FIND A GREEN SPACE – Walking in nature relieves tension, decreases frustration and increases calm feelings. No time to get to a park? Even five minutes outside lifts mood.

The above techniques along with meditation or relax exercises will go a long way in improving your stress levels.

I hope this helps…. Dan


Top three exercises that just about anyone can do…

Exercises for Your Health

1.Walking – Walking is great exercise. It’s easier on your joints but still provides many of the same benefits as jogging or running. Walking directly lowers your blood sugar by bypassing insulin, researchers found that brisk walking for 30 minutes a week cuts your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30%.
To get the most benefit, follow the 20-20 rule – wait for 20 minutes after eating and then walk for 20 minutes. You’ll be surprised by how energized you feel.

2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – HIIT is a workout strategy where you mix short, intense bursts of effort with longer recovery periods. It’s intense, but it’s considered safe for anyone, even older folks and people just getting started with regular exercise.
HIIT is more efficient than regular aerobic exercise. It improves your body’s ability to burn fat and calories. A 12- to 15-minute HIIT workout is equivalent to an hour of steady aerobic exercise.

The key is to start with easier exercises and work your way up. And don’t overdo it

3. Yoga – Yoga reduces stress, and Yoga strengthens the brain. Studies have shown that yoga reduces blood pressure and heart rate equal to the decreases caused by aerobic exercise
Studies have shown that yoga reduces blood pressure and heart rate equal to the decreases caused by aerobic exercise.

If you are over 50; many gyms and yoga studios offer senior-focused practices as well. Instructors design these programs for folks over the age of 50 who may have trouble holding poses for too long or have joint or back problems.

The point here is to not overdo it, exercise can be fun, relieve stress and improve your daily life.

Check in your local area for a “Personal Trainer” if you find that you need motivation or additional activities to improve your overall health. You can find them at your local gyms or do a search on the internet.